Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday!

What more can I say then, "Happy Birthday InWorldz!"

If you turned out to see the Celebration, then I don't have to tell you just how amazing everything was.  If you didn't turn out for the Celebration, I'm sorry you missed it.  Either way, let's all take a moment and think what things would be like for us Residents if InWorldz wasn't here.  I'm sure each of you cringe at that thought, as do I.  So, even though they don't want this, I want to again say "Thanks" to the Founders of InWorldz, not just for the success of InWorldz, but also for the amount of customization they have put into InWorldz.  Many of you may not understand just how difficult of a process this is, you should get the OpenSim server code and install it, then log into it.  You will find a blank SIM, where you can do a lot of things, but not the important things.  Such as a working Economy, a robust Script Engine, Physics, Search, and the list goes on. It hasn't been easy, as we didn't get the full Economy side of things until this past July or August, where we can now BUY and SELL our InWorldz Dollars.  There are many other examples of this, but instead of typing each out and how it was improved upon from the base code, to what we have now, let's just give thanks to the Founders and Testers, for the unrelenting work to make InWorldz one of the most robust Grids in the world.

Happy Birthday InWorldz, from the Founders to the Mentors, to those testers and bug reporters, without all of your unrelenting work, InWorldz wouldn't be here.

Happy Birthday InWorldz and very many more!