Monday, June 21, 2010

And so begins another era

Today marks my first full day as a Citizen of InWorldz.  No longer will my citizenship be split by two different worlds, Second Life is now just a "remember when" to me.

Let me start by saying something about my finish in Second Life.  There were many of my friends that because of prior commitments, were unable to attend my "Going Away" Party.  Those friends made a point to say "Goodbye" before the Party, and so I didn't miss them.  Other friends, who I thought were true friends of mine, apparently refused to come to my Party, because, as I was told, "it hurts too much to say Goodbye".  It's interesting how some of my friends think the hurt only goes one way; perhaps it did truly.  So, Goodbye to you that could not be bothered to wish me well, I wish only the best for your lives, and your futures.

To my new Community, watch out, here I come full force.  I hope I can impact InWorldz in much the same way I impacted Second Life.  By giving of myself, my time, my talents.  I hope everyone in InWorldz will have the faith to stand by the Founders/Developers as they work hard to make InWorldz a place to not only settle in, but enjoy.  I suppose with that said, there's only one last thing I need to say.


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